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Dedicated to the proposition that zealous representation of clients and furtherance of the public good
can be only enhanced by a healthy willingness to poke fun at ourselves appropriately on occasion.*

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  Legal Screening
     "A Lawyer's Summer Movie Guide" - The Record

  A Love Story in the Form of a Law Review Article!

     "Law Review: A Love Story" -
California Lawyer

  "Oscars" for Lawyers
"'And the winner might be...'" - National Law Journal
  Legal Olympics
"Lawyers Should Go for Olympic Gold, Too!" - National Law Journal
  Limitations of Legal Technology
"Lawyers and Technology: A Limited Partnership" - NYS Bar Journal
  Proposed Legal Software
"Legal CDs that Aren't Out but Should Be" - Law Office Computing
  Legal Citation Style
     "The Bluebook Blues" - National Law Journal
  Marketing for Lawyers
     "I'm Bill Low. File With Me and Win, Win, Win!" - National Law Journal
  Searching for a Partner 2d
     "Dating in the '90's" - Weight Watchers Magazine
  Law Firm Practice
     "'Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us'" (Book Review) - Legal Times
  The Weight of the Evidence
     "Avoiding The Road To Ruin" - Weight Watchers Magazine  
  Professionals As Children
     "When I grow up . . ." - ParentGuide News
  Popular Perceptions of Lawyers
     "Why Are They Picking On Us?" - ABA Journal
  Exercising Your Options
     "Working Vacation" - Weight Watchers Magazine
  Searching for a Partner
     "Love Among the Onions" - Weight Watchers Magazine
  Jurisdictional Considerations
     "Looking For A New Place To Practice? - ABA Journal
  Business Travel Trade Secrets
     "How to Succeed in Business Travel" - Mobile Office
  Law Firm Recruiting
     "Harvest Time" - ABA Journal
  The Legal Life
     "Magnificent Regression" - New York Law Journal
  Lawyers (Allegedly) at Leisure
     "Pickup Softball in Central Park: An Appreciation" - New York Observer
  Holiday Gifts for Lawyers
     "A Lawyer's Pre-Season Shopping Guide" - New York Law Journal
  "Legal" Versions of Motion Pictures
     "Summer Movies for Lawyers" - New York Law Journal
  "Legal" Versions of TV Programs
     "Recycling Old TV Shows for Lawyers" - New York Law Journal
  Law School Education
     "Curriculum Verite: A Modest Proposal" - New York Law Journal
  Lawyer Softball Leagues
     "From Pinstripes to Pinstripes" - New York Law Journal


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  "TYPO-MAN" Comic Book
      "Home for the Holidays""Typo-Man" - A legal humor comic book

    Other Law-Related Parodies
      Law School
      "P/F, The Magic Option"  (LIVE!)
      "The Time for Cramming"  (LIVE!)
      "Yesterday"  (LIVE!)
      "Bar Exam"
      Law Practice
      "Little Co-op"
      "I'm A Proofreader"
      "Boring Days"
  Parody Answering Message
      "Perry Mason's Answering Machine"
  A Lawyer's Change of Address
      "Notice of Motion for Change of Venue"
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