1. "Dating in the '90's," Weight Watchers Magazine, July 1993, at 66 (syndicated to newspapers through New York Times Syndication Sales Service, including as "Diets, dates: dangerous liaisons," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, January 23, 1994, at G1-G2; "Dieting vs. Dating: You Can't Just Chew the Fat Anymore," San Francisco Chronicle, February 23, 1994, at E7 ) (available in LEXIS-NEXIS News Library)  View Low-Resolution .GIF Version View High-Resolution .PDF Version

InfoTrac Abstract: "The dinner date has changed since people have become more nutritionally aware and are often on diets.  Smaller amounts of food on such dates lead to more opportunity to talk, which daters can find awkward.  Health clubs have become a popular meeting place for singles."

Subjects: "Dating (Social customs) - Anecdotes, cartoons, satire, etc.; Reducing diets - Anecdotes, cartoons, satire, etc."

New York Public Library Database Summary:  "Whether one diets in order to date or vice versa, dieting has clearly affected dating.  The subversion of traditional dating-dining practices is discussed."

Subjects:  Social life and customs - weight control - humor

Newspaper Abstracts: "Lawrence Savell discusses the relationship between dieting and dating and how it has changed over the years."

ARTICLE TYPE: Commentary

DESCRIPTORS: Social life & customs; Weight control; Food; Diet; Personal relationships


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