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1.  "Legal CDs that Aren't Out but Should Be," Law Office Computing, August/September 1995, at 20 (reprinted in 37 Law Office Economics and Management 74-75 (1996))   View Low-Resolution .GIF Version View High-Resolution .PDF Version

Subjects:  Lawyers/practice of law - technology - software - humor

2.  "An Argument for Technology in the Courtroom," Law Office Computing, December 1995/January 1996 at 44-45, 74-75 (reprinted in 37 Law Office Economics and Management 48-52 (1996))   View Low-Resolution .GIF Version View High-Resolution .PDF Version

Cited in "Bibliography and Cumulative Index: Thirtieth Selected Bibliography on Computers, Technology and the Law," 24 Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal 453, 462 (1998)

LegalTrac Abstract:  "Technology can bring definite advantages to litigators, as long as they use it sparingly and only when appropriate.  Using graphics, animation and other techniques helps lawyers capture the attention of juries who are used to getting information from television.  Studies show that people retain visual information longer and more accurately than aural information.  Using a re-creation liberates the jury from having to image the scene based only on witness testimony and helps the jury to understand complex data.  Users will have to ensure any demonstrations they create are admissible and not overly prejudicial.  Attorneys may also find the time and money involved in creating the demonstrations prohibitive, although falling software prices are making cost less of a factor.  The litigator must be certain that the demonstrations are not so slick that
they invoke distrust, nor so shoddy that they invite contempt from the jury."

Subjects:  Litigation support/automation


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