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1. "I'm Bill Low. File With Me and Win, Win, Win!," National Law Journal, September 19, 1994, at A23-A24 (reprinted in 35 Law Office Economics and Management 429-431 (1995))  View Low-Resolution .GIF Version View High-Resolution .PDF Version

LegalTrac Abstract:  "Attorneys and law firms must realize that the law is a business and use business marketing strategies.  These strategies might include projecting the firm as one which will remain mindful of the client's bottom line, using direct-mail
advertising, staging promotions, and outsourcing mundane work to areas of the country where labor costs are less."

New York Public Library Database Summary:  "If the practice of law is viewed as a business, then lawyers and law firms must adopt the marketing strategies of other businesses.  Suggestions are offered, including projecting a trim and wasteless image to clients concerned with their own bottom line and capitalizing on surges in patriotism."

Subjects:  Attorneys/law firms - marketing/advertising - client development - technique - humor

2. "The Bluebook Blues," National Law Journal, April 10, 1995, at A19-A20 (reprinted in 36 Law Office Economics and Management 514-517 (1996))  View Low-Resolution .GIF Version View High-Resolution .PDF Version

Cited in "Special Issue: Law Review Conference: Editors' Forum," 47 Stanford Law Review 1157, 1160 n.3 (Summer, 1995)

Cited in "An Un-Uniform System of Citation: Surviving with the New Bluebook," 26 Stetson Law Review 53, 167 n.56 ("stating sarcastically that 'the Bluebook was created and is maintained by students at four leading law schools to ensure that, when they and their peers take their places at the bottom of the food chain of some prestigious firm, they will be regarded as competent in at least some small aspect of the practice of the law'"), n.57, n.99 ("remarking that 'enterprising marketers and propagandists appear to have inserted references to automobile models ("Accord"), political groups ("Contra"), Freudian psychotherapy concepts ("Id.") and eschatological constructs ("Hereinafter"). There should be absolutely no place for the hawking of wares in the pages of an objective rule book. Where will it all end?'"), n.148 ("wondering whether the change was made to make authors 'more identifiable to talk-show or news-analysis producers in search of "experts"'") (Fall, 1996)

LegalTrac Abstract:  "The author humorously explores the marginally useful and often obscure terms used in 'A Uniform System of Citation,' known commonly as the Bluebook.  He suggests trimming it down and removing much of the Latin, especially op cit, passim, and cf, and takes issue with the use of see, accord, contra, id, and hereinafter."

New York Public Library Database Summary:  "Lawyers think of the term 'citation' as following what are often arcane, confusing and nitpicking rules when referring to authorities in briefs and memoranda, and these rules are collected in 'A Universal System of Citation,' or 'the Bluebook.'  This book could be dramatically shortened, and the rules it contains could be simplified and made easier to interpret."

Subjects:  Legal annotations and citations - standards - humor

3.  "Legal CDs that Aren't Out but Should Be," Law Office Computing, August/September 1995, at 20 (reprinted in 37 Law Office Economics and Management 74-75 (1996))  View Low-Resolution .GIF Version View High-Resolution .PDF Version

4.  "An Argument for Technology in the Courtroom," Law Office Computing, December 1995/January 1996 at 44-45, 74-75 (reprinted in 37 Law Office Economics and Management 48-52 (1996))  View Low-Resolution .GIF Version View High-Resolution .PDF Version

Cited in "Bibliography and Cumulative Index: Thirtieth Selected Bibliography on Computers, Technology and the Law," 24 Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal 453, 462 (1998)

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