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94/08/11: "Lawyer Wins ABA Award for Writing," New York Law Journal, at 2 (available in LEXIS-NEXIS News Library) (American Bar Association Gavel Award Certificate of Merit" for "Old Cars in Law" column in Car Collector magazine):

"AN ATTORNEY at Chadbourne & Park has been awarded a certificate of merit by the American Bar Association for his monthly column on old cars in an automobile magazine.

"Attorney Lawrence Savell received an ABA Gavel Award for his 'Old Cars in Law' column, which regularly appears in Car Collector magazine. He is also the legal columnist for Golf for Women magazine."

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94/10/11: "Offer in court," London Times, at 37 (available in LEXIS-NEXIS News Library) ("I'm Bill Low. File With Me and Win, Win, Win" in National Law Journal):

"SOLICITORS tired of waiting for clients to appear can try special promotions, suggests Lawrence Savell, a partner at Chadbourne & Parke, of New York. Perhaps a special offer, 'Sue One, Sue One Free', or an incentive-based 'Frequent Filer' programme, giving free representation to habitual litigants. He says that after a bruising recession, lawyers must learn to sell their 'product' in the manner of Madison Avenue, not Wall Street."

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94/00/00: "Class notes," Law Quadrangle Notes (University of Michigan Law School), Winter 1994, at 24:

"Lawrence Savell published an article entitled 'Affirming the Value of Criticism' in the July 22, 1994 New York Law Journal. The article discusses the significance of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit's unusual retraction of its own ruling in Moldea v. New York Times Co. The appellate court first ruled that the Times' unfavorable book review attacked author Dan Moldea's professional competence and was therefore subject to the law of defamation. Three months later, the same three-judge panel amended its initial ruling to allow greater 'breathing space' for literary reviews. Savell wrote that the revised opinion recognizes both the value of literary criticism and the 'analogous element of respectful criticism and comment inherent in the appellate process itself.'"

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94/12/30: "Greetings From Your Friendly Law Firm," New York Law Journal, at 1, 4 (unusual holiday cards) (available in LEXIS-NEXIS News Library):

"In recent years, the most elaborate of lawyer greetings has come from Chadbourne & Parke senior associate Lawrence Savell. He has sent cassette tapes of original songs, with titles like 'It's Gonna Be A Billable Christmas,' and animated music videos to hundreds of friends, associates and clients.

"Last year, the high-tech greetings reached their apogee with an IBM-compatible computer disk that featured Mr. Savell's face transforming into that of President Clinton, using the technology seen in 'Terminator II' and countless shaving commercials. But he found many of the recipients had no computer, or worse, used an Apple model.

"So this year, the new media touch is hidden. He sent cards that look traditional on the outside, but could be personalized inside using a laser-jet printer, so not only his name but the recipient's is included in the greeting.

"While not as flashy as previous mailings, it avoids the computer-in-compatibility problem of last year's greeting. 'Several people just used the disk as a coaster,' he said."

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