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2004/01/12: "N.Y. litigator Lawrence Savell releases update to his legal humor CD of holiday tunes," LAWCAST, January 12, 2004

"In 1998, New York City litigator Lawrence Savell released a compact disk entitled, 'The Lawyer’s Holiday [Humor] Album.' The album included a parody of the classic, 'Let it Snow,' as well as the original songs, 'All I Want for Christmas is a Stomach Lining,' 'Santa v. Acme Sleigh,' and the 'Jingle Bells' parody, 'Bill Those Hours.'

"Now, Savell is at it again. He has released an updated CD with three new songs, all of which, he says, were inspired by his experiences in his practice at Chadbourne & Parke LLP.

"Savell says the most recent new song, 'Rainmaker Reindeer,' talks about business development[]. Another new tune, 'A Million Christmas Trees,' is about document production which Savell acknowledges, 'is something I spend an increased amount of my practice doing.' The third song on the updated disk is 'Billin['] on Christmas Eve,' which Savell says focuses on 'the sacrifices all lawyers have to make, and the hours we have to put in.'

"There’s tons of lawyer jokes, most of which are disparaging to lawyers,' Savell points out. 'What's a rarity is someone who is a lawyer, and is going through all of this to try to create humor for those who are also going through it can understand and enjoy.'

”Excerpts of Savell‘s songs can be downloaded at www.LawTunes.com, where his CDs can also be purchased. In this age of online music file-sharing, Savell says he is not worried that his songs will be swapped. Instead, he claimed that he would be 'flattered.'


"See also, 'Litigator sings 'Let 'Em Sue,' and other lawyers’ songs of holiday cheer,' Litigation LAWCAST, Dec. 21, 1998, Digest."

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2004/01/19: "Voir Dire: Your legal forecasts for the new year," The National Law Journal, January 19, 2004, at 3:

"From the other side comes Lawrence E. Savell of New York's Chadbourne & Parke. (He's the source of such Christmas carols as 'Santa and I are Going to Pull an All-Nighter,' but that's a different holiday.) 'Encouraged by much-publicized litigation regarding the revelation that hot coffee is hot,' said Savell, 'enterprising plaintiffs attorneys will pursue claims over discoveries that cold soda is cold, wet paint is wet, oil is oily, and fluffy donuts are fluffy.'"

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2004/03/11: "All-singing, all-billing...," Law Society Gazette (weekly U.K. newspaper), March 11, 2004, at 10 (on-line at http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/articles/45.asp):

"When US firm Chadbourne & Parke announced a new managing partner for its London office recently, Obiter was disappointed to hear that the lawyer heading across the pond was not product liability specialist Lawrence Savell - singer/songwriter extraordinaire and counsel at the firm. However, we now have the next best thing - a copy of Mr Savell's 'The Lawyer's Holiday Humor' album and his latest three-track EP, also described as the 'new supplemental pocket part addendum extra afterthought disc'. The extra tracks arrive, unsurprisingly since it comes from a product liability lawyer, with a warning that 'repeated listenings may cause drowsiness and nausea' printed on the disc. Standout tracks on the album include 'Santa and I are gonna pull an all-nighter on Christmas' and 'Bill those hours' (sung to the tune of 'Jingle Bells'). A Gazette office favourite on the new EP is 'Billin' on Christmas Eve'. Obiter calls on UK lawyers to demonstrate their own lyricism by penning alternative words to a well-known song. Mr Savell has kindly donated a copy of his album to give away to the best effort. His work can be accessed through www.lawtunes.com and its sister site, www.lawhumor.com."

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2004/03/26: "60 Sites in 60 Minutes," Presentation by Robert J. Ambrogi at ABA TechShow 2004, March 26, 2004:

"Well, are lawyers funny? That's the big question. There's a website that attempts to answer that question, called LawHumor.com. (Clip from 'Rainmaker Reindeer' plays.) This is from 'The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album.' Larry Savell is a lawyer in New York City, and he writes humor columns. He has put out an actual album, 'The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album.' He's got this actually kind of funny site, he's got a lot of his humor columns, he's got .MP3 clips, and he's got little games on here like 'LawHumor Hangman' and 'Arrange The Exhibits' and he's got a whole other page of little java games that you can play. (Laughter.) He attempts to make law funny."  (Listen to the segment.)

See http://www.abanet.org/techshow/60sitesHOF/60sites04.html | View High-Resolution .PDF Version : LawHumor.com listed first among four legal humor websites.

See also http://www.legaline.com/60sites.htm: LawHumor.com listed first among four legal humor websites.

2004/04/20: "Inside," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, April 20, 2004, at 1:

"A Taxing Essay[:]  What do you do when you show up unprepared for your final exam in Introductory Taxation and the professor actually wants hard-and-fast calculations -- not an essay?  You write an essay, Lawrence Savell suggests."

2004/04/30: "Inside America[:] Libel tourism chills US-based investigative journalism," The Daily Star (Bangladesh), April 30, 2004, http://www.thedailystar.net/2004/04/30/d404301501109.htm:

"Libel[] laws differ around the world, but it's fair to say that the US has perhaps the greatest protection of writers and publishers through the First Amendment and other doctrines,' explained Lawrence Savell, an attorney with the New York City based law firm of Chadbo[u]rne & Parke. 'The burden of proof is on the claimant, not the writer or publisher, to prove that his reputation has been damaged.' Savell, who specialises in media law, represents several US media companies.

* * *

"Savell believes the legal pendulum may be swinging against libel tourism. 'To my understanding, it is not that the laws of libel plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions are changing as much as it is that courts in such jurisdictions,' he explained. 'Mindful of the forum shopping phenomenon, and understandably desirous of not inundating their dockets unnecessarily, these courts are appropriately being selective in cases they allow to be brought before them.[']

"This has already happening in England, according to Savell. 'British courts have dismissed libel actions brought by foreigners on the ground that England was not a suitable forum, or that there was another jurisdiction that was a more suitable forum, for the particular dispute to be litigated,' he explained."

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2004/05/00: "From the editor," Arizona Attorney, May 2004, at 4, http://www.azbar.org/ArizonaAttorney/pdf_upload/0504Editorpage4.pdf:

"Finally, as the end of the law school year approaches, we provide a story that may remind you of your days laboring over blue books. Lawrence Savell tells a story that I hope none of you has ever experienced personally, but all of us may have imagined."

2004/06/04: "The Best Legal Websites to Help You and Your Clients," Robert Ambrogi, Rockport, MA, Indiana Bar Association Solo & Small Firm Conference, June 4, 2004, http://www.inbar.org/content/pdf/GP2004/Best_Legal_Websites_to_Help_You_and_Your_Clients.pdf:

LawHumor.com listed first among four legal humor websites.

2004/07/00: "Laughing at Lawyers and the Law," Robert J. Ambrogi, Law Technology News, July 2004, at 48-49:

A discussion of LawHumor.com leads off a review of legal humor websites:

"LAW is serious stuff. But don't tell that to New York lawyer Lawrence Savell, for fear he might abandon his endlessly entertaining site, LawHumor.com, www.lawhumor.com.

"Savell dedicates his site 'to the proposition that zealous representation of clients and furtherance of the public good can be only enhanced by a healthy willingness to poke fun at ourselves appropriately on occasion.'

"And poke fun he does, through humorous articles, music, comics and even games. Consider, for example, 'Law Review: A Love Story,' a lawyer love story written in the style of a law review, complete with footnotes. Listen to excerpts from Savell's recording, 'The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album,' featuring songs such as 'Santa v. Acme Sleigh' and 'Rainmaker Reindeer.' Check out Savell's Typo-Man comic book. Play games including 'Law Humor Hangman' and 'Arrange the Exhibits.'

"You could kill a lot of otherwise billable time at LawHumor.com. But then you'd be missing out on the many other sites devoted to making lawyers laugh - or to laughing at lawyers."

View High-Resolution .PDF Version   Also posted on Law.com (http://www.law.com/jsp/article.jsp?id=1090180158017): View High-Resolution .PDF Version  Reprinted in New Jersey Law Journal, July 5, 2004; Public Lawyer (State of Nevada Advisory Council for Prosecuting Attorneys), August 2004, at 12 (http://npac.state.nv.us/Public Lawyer/PLAug2004.pdf)

2004/08/18: "In Lawyer Softball, Team Captains Play Hardball," The Wall Street Journal, August 18, 2004, at D12; "Legal Hardball[:] Play ball? Lawyers would rather settle.," WSJ Opinion Journal (on-line), http://www.opinionjournal.com/la/?id=110005491:

"As with most negotiations, the key to lawyer softball is sussing out your opponent without revealing your own number. 'There's definitely a chess game that goes on between captains,' said Lawrence Savell, 20 years at the helm of Chadbourne & Parke. 'A lot of it is who calls whom first,' he explained. 'There's an obligation to tell the other side if you can't field a team, but you want to wait a bit before you do that.'

"Shorthanded captains can also play the weather card. 'If there are clouds in the sky you may try to talk the other guy into a rain-out,' Mr. Savell said. 'That way, at least you can replay the game.' According to Mr. Savell, firms on higher floors have the advantage because their captains can see what the weather is doing and use that against opponents.

. . .

"Last year's champions, and current league leaders with a 7-1 record (two wins by forfeit), the DAs are frustrated by the number of forfeits in the league. 'I don't see how a firm with 800 lawyers and support staff can't put 10 people on the field,' Mr. Frazer said. 'We'd rather play and lose than take the forfeit.'

"Mr. Savell thinks other CPLSL captains are coming around to this view. 'In the past, captains would go for the forfeit, to boost their record,' he said. 'The litigation instinct is to win. But more and more I see people who would never compromise in a litigation setting trying to reschedule games.' His nonadversarial approach may help to explain Chadbourne's 0-8 record (four losses by forfeit).

"'I just want to play softball,' Mr. Savell said wistfully. 'On a sunny late afternoon in New York it's a chance to pull on your shorts, play some ball, revisit your youth. What could be better?'"

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2004/09/00: "exec's dot...dot...dot..." (Executive Director's column), Citations (Ventura County (California) Bar Association), September 2004, at 18 http://www.vcba.org/citationsmag/2004/04sept.pdf:

"Websites of the month: lawhumor.com." (first of two listed)

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2004/09/00: "The 12 tracks of Christmas," Law Institute Journal (Victoria, Australia), "With all due respect" column, September 2004, at 88; copy on-line at http://www.liv.asn.au/journal/current/78-09-Sep2004-With.html:

"Hello and welcome to September. The month when Spring arrives, footy finals begin and end, and hayfever tablet sales skyrocket.

"It is also the month that brings us the first hint that Christmas is approaching. The tinsel starts going up, advertisers play on the “holiday spirit” and Myer prepares its famous windows.

"Christmas has always posed problems for lawyers as it is almost impossible to combine those billable hours with Christmas shopping.

"It is also a problem for family and friends of lawyers who have to buy that special someone a gift that says it all and also doubles as a tax deduction.

"However, WADR can proudly announce – problem solved!

"US attorney Lawrence Savell has released a sure-fire Christmas pleaser for lawyers with an album full of law-themed holiday tunes.

"The Lawyer’s Holiday Humor Album contains such tunes as 'Santa and I are gonna pull an all-nighter on Christmas', 'Santa v Acme Sleigh', 'It’s gonna be a billable Christmas' and 'I dreamed I saw Santa workin’ in the library'.

"It also contains parodies of old favourites such as 'Let it snow' ('Let ’em sue') and 'Jingle Bells' ('Bill those hours').

"The album got WADR thinking about an Australian version of the album. Practitioners are encouraged to pen new lyrics to holiday favourites and send them to WADR via the contact details at the top of this page. The best entries will be run in upcoming editions of WADR.

"In the meantime, those interested in either hearing fragments of the songs or buying the CD (US$15 plus postage and handling) can go to http://www.lawtunes.com."

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2004/10/00: "Law & Lawyers, As Entertainment," Entertainment Law Reporter, October 2004, at 26:

"Legal Holidaze. New York City lawyer Lawrence Savell - who describes his practice as including 'an entertainment law component' - is a songwriter and recording artist in his own right. His latest CD, 'Legal Holidaze,' reflects the University of Michigan Law School graduate's 'strong personal belief that lawyers' zealous representation of clients and furtherance of the public good can be only enhanced by a healthy willingness to poke fun at ourselves appropriately on occasion.' One of those occasions, apparently, is the year-end holidays - as reflected by the title of this year's CD and its 1998 predecessor, 'The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album.' Both are available to be sampled and purchased at http://www.lawtunes.com/."

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2004/10/12: "Lighter Side of Law: Lawyer Records Holiday Album Poking Fun at Lawyers," JDBliss.com, October 12, 2004, http://www.jdbliss.com/e_000060269000049637.cfm?x=b11,0,w#a313852, http://www.jdbliss.com/e_article000313852.cfm

"'The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album,' is the culmination of years of writing and recording by attorney Lawrence Savell of original law-related holiday songs parodying well known holiday jingles. With songs like 'Let 'Em Sue' (parody of 'Let It Snow') and 'Bill Those Hours' (parody of 'Jingle Bells'), the album is sure to hit a chord with any attorney working late over the holidays.

"Aside from its entertainment value, the nine-song Album (and a new three-song Update) represents a humble attempt to reverse the unfortunate, persistent, and inaccurate belief that lawyers are necessarily humorless, boring, and incapable of self-deprecation.

"Order while supplies last!"

2004/10/16: Pick-up of LawTunes Press Release, LawFuel.com, October 16, 2004, http://www.lawfuel.com/index.php?page=press_releases&handler=focus&pressreleaseid=1757&category=&return=list-publications&sortby=timestamp&screen=10

2004/11/00: "insites (web)," Law Institute Journal (Victoria, Australia), November 2004, at 80-81; copy on-line at http://www.liv.asn.au/journal/current/78-11-Nov2004-insites.html:

"This month . . . We also look at a law humour site that will get you smiling."



"It took a long time to review LawHumour.com because I got stuck playing LawHumour Hangman. If you don’t get the word out after several tries, a Donald Trump-like message flashes up stating, 'You’re fired. Send Resume'. Move over lunchtimes spent playing Blackjack on the computer, LawHumour.com has enough games, articles and music to keep you going into billable time. Maintained by New York lawyer, Lawrence Savell, it will appeal to anyone in the legal industry (despite the American slant). If an article entitled, 'Lawyers (Allegedly) at Leisure' or the adventures of Typo-Man sound intriguing, you too will become engrossed."

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2004/11/00: "Holidaze! Celebrate!," Law Institute Journal (Victoria, Australia), "With all due respect" column, November 2004, at 96; copy on-line at http://www.liv.asn.au/journal/current/78-11-Nov2004-With.html:

"What a wonderful thing the Internet is. No sooner had the online version of the September LIJ (containing this very column) hit the ether with news of US attorney Lawrence Savell’s law-themed jingles we received an email from the musical maestro himself.

"Mr Savell sang our praises for spotting such a talent (as his). Duly flattered, WADR responded. Correspondence ensued with the result that we bring to you the followup to The Lawyer’s Holiday Humour Album.

"Yes, it’s time to take to Legal Holidaze, produced aptly enough by Jest Publishing Co and featuring 10 comical compositions including 'Rainmaker Reindeer', 'Surfin’ for an Expert Late on Christmas Eve', 'Bill Those Hours' (a parody of 'Jingle Bells'), and of course, 'Legal Holidaze'.

"The legalese on the CD cover dutifully notes copyright and that 'All Rights Reserved, Even If I Am Not. Dedicated to those who recognise that poking a little fun at ourselves helps keep everything in perspective'.

"It turns out Mr Savell’s humorous streak is not confined to music. He also has a website, http://www.Law Humor.com, where he says you can find 'lawyer computer games, a love story in the form of a law review article, a law-related comic book, and even a free and always-immediately-responsive computerised legal advice generator'.

"Coincidentally, the website is reviewed in this edition of the LIJ in 'Insites' (page 81) where it gets the thumbs up. The reviewer says they 'got stuck playing LawHumour Hangman ...[where] if you don’t get the word out after several tries, a Donald Trump-like message flashes up stating, "You’re fired. Send Resume"'.

"Effervescent with an early dose of festive spirit, WADR is giving away a copy of Legal Holidaze. It’s nearly Christmas, which means everyone’s too busy to do much more than struggle to meet budget, so to win this stunning CD, simply be the first to email WADR with 'Holidaze! Celebrate! (with apologies to Madonna)' in the Subject line and it’s yours.

"Otherwise, those interested in hearing fragments of the songs or buying the CD can go to http://www.lawtunes.com."

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2004/11/12: "Lawyer takes on holidays," e-TrueBlue, November 12, 2004, http://alumni.umich.edu/e-newsletters/eTrueBlue/e-TrueBlue111204.html:

"New York litigation attorney Lawrence Savell, JD'82, recently debuted the CD 'Legal Holidaze.' Composed, performed and produced by Savell, the 10 rock 'n' roll holiday tunes take on subjects such as lawyer marketing, continuing legal education, document review and production, expert witnesses and bar exams. 'Rainmaker Reindeer' (the lawyer marketing song) is one of the songs featured on the CD, which is a follow-up to Savell's 'The Lawyer’s Holiday Humor Album.'"

2004/11/19: "Legal carols: This year's must-have allegedly funny gag gift," The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA), November 19, 2004, copy on-line at http://www.thenewstribune.com/business/story/4193052p-3987302c.html:

"Sixty percent of American holiday shoppers plan to buy books, CDs, DVDs, videos or video games this year.

"That’s music to the ears of Lawrence Savell, a singing attorney with Chadbourne & Parke LLP in New York.

"Savell e-mailed me after he read my column last week about the invention of Tacoma entrepreneur Mike Walters. Walters just released U-Flag, a tube containing three flags that you can throw like football penalty flags in a variety of home and work disputes.

"In the offbeat holiday gift category, Savell has his own entries: two CDs of 'allegedly amusing law-related holiday songs.' As a follow-up to his first CD, 'The Lawyer’s Holiday Humor Album,' Savell has just issued a sequel, 'Legal Holidaze.'

"You can find the CD at www.lawtunes.com and listen to samples such as 'Rainmaker Reindeer,' 'North Pole Bar Exam' and 'A Million Christmas Trees.'

"Creative stuff, but I’d suggest Savell keep his day job.

"'My albums are dedicated to the proposition that lawyers’ zealous representation of clients and furtherance of the public good can be only enhanced by a healthy willingness of lawyers to poke fun at themselves appropriately on occasion,' Savell wrote.

"'They also hopefully contribute to the effort to make people think a little differently about lawyers, and show that attorneys are not necessarily humorless, boring or incapable of self-deprecation (success on at least the last item is guaranteed).'

"Maybe someone ought to send copies of Savell’s CDs to Burgess Fitzer and the Luvera law firm, the two teams of barristers duking it out in an expensive court battle with the Tacoma taxpayers and the family of the late Police Chief David Brame caught in the middle. Then again, those firms probably would think Savell’s song, 'Billin’ on Christmas Eve,' was strategic legal advice set to music."

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2004/11/22: "Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, Harbottle & Lewis singing Christian rhymes…?," In Brief (U.K.), November 22, 2004, http://www.inbrief.co.uk/breaking news/22112004.asp:

"Harbottles are not the only ones to cash in on the market for legal Christmas music – www.lawtunes.com, ‘The Musical Scales of Justice’, have released ‘comedy’ lawyer-themed festive CDs Legal Holidaze and The Lawyer’s Holiday Humour Album. Featuring such classic tunes as Rainmaker Reindeer, Let ‘Em Sue (to the tune of Let It Snow) and Santa And I Are Gonna Pull An All-Nighter On Christmas, these CDs are produced by New York litigator Lawrence Savell. Who arguably should have known better…"

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2004/12/00: "From the Editor," Arizona Attorney, December 2004, at 4, http://www.myazbar.org/AZAttorney/PDF_Articles/1204Editor.pdf:

"As the holidays approach, you may find yourself confronted with the need to (1) locate gifts for others, and (2) laugh through the stress. Ideally, one item can do both. Lawrence Savell wrote for us previously ('Dear Professor Rosenstein,' May 2004), and more of his work is available as a holiday gift, which I’m happy to point you to — for no kickbacks at all! He’s just released his second full-length CD of what he calls 'allegedly-humorous law-related holiday songs.' The title of this New York lawyer’s CD is 'Legal Holidaze,' and it includes songs such as 'Rainmaker Reindeer,' 'Catchin’ CLE' and 'North Pole Bar Exam.' For samples — or to purchase — go to lawtunes.com."

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2004/12/00: "Something to Brahe about," Law Institute Journal (Victoria, Australia), "With all due respect" column, December 2004, at 98; copy on-line at :

"It’s comforting to know that there are some of you out there who obviously have your priorities straight, and know which page of the LIJ to turn to first.

"The presses had barely gone cold on the print run for our November column, when we received our winning entry for the Holidaze! Celebrate! Competition.

"For his prompt reply, Joseph Kelly (pictured centre with colleagues), will be able to sit around the Christmas tree listening to such delights as 'Rainmaker Reindeer' and 'Surfin’ for an Expert late on Christmas Eve' from the 'Legal Holidaze' CD. Or maybe it will lead to a festive sing-along at the Christmas party where he works at Garland Hawthorn Brahe? And thank you to the many other avid WADRreaders who sent us an email, including Roland Muller, Anna Tobin and Rena Padman. A special mention goes to Lawrence Liew, whose subject line, completely disregarding the rules of the competition, read: 'I want a copy of Legal Holidaze!'"

View High-Resolution .PDF Version (print version)

2004/12/11: "Holiday Gift: Legal Holidaze: Original hilarious law-related rock-and-roll holiday music," http://www.jdbliss.com/#a337618:

"LawTunes proudly announces the release of "Legal Holidaze," the new full-length album of hilarious original law-related holiday songs composed, performed, and produced by New York law firm litigation attorney Lawrence Savell. With a jacket design parodying a traditional legal hornbook treatise, the CD contains ten rockin' holiday tunes taking on such subjects as lawyer marketing, continuing legal education, document review and production, expert witnesses, and bar exams. Legal Holidaze includes:

- Rainmaker Reindeer
- Catchin' CLE
- Billin' On Christmas Eve
- North Pole Bar Exam
- A Million Christmas Trees
- Surfin' For An Expert Late On Christmas Eve
- Santa And I Are Gonna Pull An All-Nighter On Christmas
- Bill Those Hours (Parody of "Jingle Bells")
- Legal Holidaze

"The CDs are the perfect gifts for lawyers, law students, law professors, and the people who work with, live with, know and/or love them. They're also a great choice for law firm, corporate legal department, or other office or law school holiday party giveaways and client or staff holiday gifts. Special deals on large volume purchases and competitive reseller discount pricing are available upon request."

2004/12/13: "Making a List, Checking It Twice," Daily Journal EXTRAxtra (cover story of weekly supplement to Los Angeles Daily Journal and San Francisco Daily Journal), December 13, 2004, at 10, 15:

"Law Tunes"

"Let lazy attorneys know that it’s not too late to make up for the slacking off they did all year by giving them a copy of 'The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album,' composed, performed and produced by New York litigator Lawrence Savell.

"With rock 'n' roll hits like "Santa and I Are Gonna Pull An All-Nighter On Christmas,' 'It's Gonna Be a Billable Christmas' and 'Ridin' on a Red-Eye With Santa On Christmas Eve,' your thankful colleagues will realize that the holidays are the perfect time to catch up on their caseload. For the lawyer who needs a little year-round encouragement, Savell's other hit CD, 'Legal Holidaze,' features gems like 'Rainmaker Reindeer,' 'Catchin' CLE' and 'A Million Christmas Trees,' the document production song. If these collections of 'allegedly humorous law-related holiday songs' don’t motivate your indolent co-workers to pick up the pace, start the new year off right by reporting them to your managing partner.  Nobody likes a loafer!

"The two albums are also perfect for office parties and make great gifts for that judge you’re trying to brown-nose. Savell, who serves as of counsel to Chadbourne & Parke, sells his albums for $16.99 each and offers samples of his original songs at www.lawtunes.com."

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2004/12/13: "Web Site of the Week," New York State Bar Association Website, Law Practice Management Department and Committee,  http://www.nysba.org/Content/NavigationMenu/Attorney_Resources/Practice_Management/Practice_Management.htm, December 13, 2004:

"Web site for the Week of December 13, 2004

"A NYSBA member writes:

"Dear Ms. Cornaire: I just read the article in State Bar News and visited your impressive site. May I please humbly suggest that during the holiday season as a bit of seasonal mirth you name as 'Web Site of the Week' my own www.LawTunes.com <www.LawTunes.com> , home of my two unique CDs, 'The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album' and the new 'Legal Holidaze'? 'Legal Holidaze' leads off with the very apropos song about law firm business development, 'Rainmaker Reindeer.' I'd be happy to send you a complimentary copy of the CD.

"Lawrence Savell, Esq.
Chadbourne & Parke, LLP
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York

"Thank you, Larry!"

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2004/12/17: "FA-LAW-LAW-LAW-LAW[:] Here Are Some Holiday Carols to Lighten Legal Spirits," ABA Journal eReport, December 17, 2004, http://www.abanet.org/journal/ereport/dec17songs.html:

"For litigation attorney Lawrence Savell, the lawyer’s life provides plenty to sing about—and he’s willing to create the music and lyrics.

"Based in New York City, Savell 'moonlights' by recording his own holiday humor CDs. His latest, Legal Holidaze, is (as he describes it) 'classic rock 'n' roll, with rhythms and harmonies reflecting the strong influence of Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys, and Jan & Dean—and a touch of Elvis.'

"'Over the years,' Savell says, 'I recorded many of these songs, producing vinyl records, cassette tapes and then CDs, which I gave each holiday season to family, friends, colleagues, clients and people I met on airplanes.'

"Savell’s songs are dedicated to the proposition that lawyers who poke fun at themselves on occasion may actually enhance the important work they do representing clients and furthering the public good.

"Below are the lyrics to two Legal Holidaze songs.

"'Billin' on Christmas Eve'

December snows are on the way
The stores have one more shopping day
Their windows showing bygone times
To take the mind off endless cashier lines
Outside the streets are fillin', the chestnuts grillin'
But we’re billin' on Christmas Eve
Billin’ on Christmas Eve.

The big tree glistens in the mist
As Santa-helpers mark their lists
While in the building just behind
We’re wrapping up things of another kind
Downstairs the people are millin', our hearts are willin'
But we’re Billin on Christmas Eve
Billin' on Christmas Eve.

As darkness falls, the calls subside
The fax machines all seem to hide
The streets grow empty, we hurry home
For a time to wonder with our own
At night the city’s stillin', the wind is chillin'
We're done Billin' on Christmas Eve
Billin' on Christmas Eve.

'Rainmaker Reindeer'

There’s a lawyer named Sol, he’s a sole practitioner
At getting business, an impossible missioner
But dreams of reams of client bills galore
For a year of TV ads and radio spots
Marketing bills were all he got
So he strode through the snow to his local department store
Hey, Santa!
Play grantor
Under my tree.

I want a Rainmaker Reindeer, to call my own
I want a Rainmaker Reindeer, clients on the phone
I want a Rainmaker Reindeer, to call my own.

Sol stood in line with all the girls and the boys
He was the only one not asking for toys
But for a hoof or hand to land a client base
Be it Dancer or Prancer, I need a profit enhancer
Donner or Blitzen, cases to get my mitts in
So my practice grows like the red nose on Rudy’s face.
Then Santa
Left the answer
Under Sol’s tree.

Here is a Rainmaker Reindeer, to call your own
Here is a Rainmaker Reindeer, clients on the phone
Here is a Rainmaker Reindeer, to call your own.

Christmas morning ran downstairs to see
Found a reindeer sitting at his PC
Typing releases, op-ed pieces, and newsletter legal guides
On the cell with 20/20, on the fax with Today
Sol’s new Web site led a Google hit parade
Giving sage advice to those naughty and nice worldwide.
Like Santa
No stamps here
Delivery is free.

When you got a Rainmaker Reindeer, to call your own
You got a Rainmaker Reindeer, clients on the phone
You got a Rainmaker Reindeer, to call your own.

Now Sol’s doing great, his billings have soared
Big law firms beg him to come aboard
But his sole partner finds him cases on all fours.
Hey, Santa!
I thank ya
For your gift to me.

I got a Rainmaker Reindeer, I call my own
I got a Rainmaker Reindeer, clients on the phone
I got a Rainmaker Reindeer, I call my own.

© Lawrence Savell

"Legal Holidaze and its predecessor, The Lawyer’s Holiday Humor Album, can be purchased direct at www.LawTunes.com, and selected other online and catalog vendors."

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2004/12/22, 24: Voice of America Radio, December 22, 24, 2004:

Songs from "Legal Holidaze" and "The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album" played during broadcasts

2004/12/27: "Success Story: Chadbourne Litigator With Musical Talents Urges Attorneys: 'Make Time For Your Personal Interests,'" JDBliss.com, December 27, 2004, story at http://www.jdbliss.com/#a342241, interview at http://www.jdbliss.com/e_article000342241.cfm?x=b11,0,w

"Lawrence Savell of Chadbourne & Parke is not your ordinary products liability litigator. He is also a recording artist whose humorous tunes parodying the practice of law have garnered laughs for years at firm functions and parties.

"After handing out his recordings to hundreds of family members, friends, co-workers, and people he met on airplanes, Lawrence finally decided to sell his works commercially. His latest CD release - Legal Holidaze - features classics such as 'Bill Those Hours' (parody of 'Jingle Bells') and 'Billin' On Christmas Eve'.

"Lawrence has also published over 250 articles, including a host of humorous pieces exploring the lighter side of the law (for young attorneys still slaving over citations in briefs, Lawrence's Bluebook Blues will surely strike a chord).

"Lawrence - who clearly relishes the time he spends on his personal interests (even if it only affords him less than five hours of sleep a night on average) -- has this advice for attorneys who are feeling stressed out: 'I think it is very important that lawyers and other people take the time to pursue their "after-hours dreams," despite the increasing pressures, longer hours, and other factors that may make them think it is impossible. I think being able to enjoy or express ourselves or just blow off steam ends up making us happier, and thus better, at what we do that actually pays our bills.'


"JD Bliss (JDB): You’ve maintained a full-time practice in products liability and media litigation defense at a major New York firm, yet you have outside interests in music and writing that themselves would be a career for many people. How important are these personal time activities to you?

"A: I think it is very important that lawyers and other people take the time to pursue their 'after‑hours dreams,' despite the increasing pressures, longer hours, and other factors that may make them think it is impossible – and no matter how unrealistic or unlikely realizing those dreams may be. That's why I applaud JD Bliss, which expressly recognizes and encourages maintaining such a perspective. I think being able to enjoy or express ourselves or just blow off steam ends up making us happier, and thus better, at what we do that actually pays our bills.

"JDB: Your primary method of blowing off steam is composing and performing original humorous law-related holiday songs. Why and how did you start?

"A: It’s my strong personal belief that lawyers' zealous representation of clients and furtherance of the public good can be only enhanced by a healthy willingness to poke fun at ourselves appropriately on occasion. My involvement in doing that dates back to my days at the University of Michigan Law School, when I wrote and performed parodies dealing with law school and law practice at the annual 'Law Revue' so‑called 'talent' show. When I graduated in 1982, I joined Chadbourne & Parke LLP, which has since then grown to about 370 attorneys. Although it was and is a great place to work, I initially assumed that such performances would not be appropriate there. However, after carefully assessing the office sensibilities, I eventually decided to 'test the water,' beginning with the 1984 firm Holiday Party. Among the parodies I played that night was 'Bill Those Hours' (to the tune of 'Jingle Bells'). The reaction (thankfully) was very positive. Over time, interest grew to the point where such entertainment was expected at firm functions and others – legal and non‑legal staff from all areas of the firm – asked to and did join in on occasion.

"JDB: How did you get from in-house entertainment to recording and production of your music?

"A: My first recording effort was a 1988 vinyl record (it was made to look like a '45') containing the original song 'I Dreamed I Saw Santa Workin' In The Library.' I put this together during brief trips home while working on a landmark products liability case in Seattle. I played electric and acoustic guitar and keyboard synthesizer and sang (all pretty badly, in retrospect).

"The next year, I distributed a cassette tape, professionally printed and packaged, with a cover adapted from Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run album (changed to 'Born to Pun' and with my face superimposed over his and Santa's over Clarence Clemmons'), containing the original songs 'Ridin' On A Red‑Eye With Santa On Christmas Eve' and 'It's Gonna Be A Billable Christmas.' I used my professional quality four‑track cassette recorder and rented time at a recording studio to make the master tape. In 1997 I moved to a CD, recorded digitally in its entirety on my home computer in my bedroom. I played all the instruments, including a keyboard synthesizer, acoustic guitar, guitar synthesizer, and sleigh bells and performed all the multi‑tracked vocals. The CD contained two new songs, 'All I Want For Christmas Is A Stomach Lining' and 'It's Still A Billable Christmas,' plus updated versions of earlier songs. I burned the master, and had Disc Makers of New Jersey manufacture the copies and jacket based on the text and design concept I provided (and photographs of me taken by my multi-talented secretary).

"JDB: When and how did you begin releasing your music commercially?

"A: For years my 'distribution' was informal and 'limited' -- to hundreds of family members, friends, co‑workers, and people I met on airplanes. In 1998, having for some reason come to the conclusion that there might actually be total strangers willing to not only listen to but also pay for what I do, I independently released The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album, my first commercial effort. It included all my previous original law‑related humorous holiday songs, plus three new ones: 'Santa And I Are Gonna Pull An All‑Nighter On Christmas,' 'Let 'Em Sue' (parody of 'Let It Snow'), and 'Santa v. Acme Sleigh.' My latest effort, Legal Holidaze, includes three songs I wrote in the interim, 'Rainmaker Reindeer,' 'A Million Christmas Trees,' and 'Billin' On Christmas Eve,' three live tracks, and four brand new songs I wrote just for the album: 'Catchin' CLE,' 'North Pole Bar Exam,' 'Surfin' For An Expert Late On Christmas Eve,' and the title track, 'Legal Holidaze.' I designed the jacket (a parody of a traditional law school hornbook treatise) and again had everything manufactured at Disc Makers. The CDs are sold on my Law Tunes web site, as well as by various open‑minded on‑line and catalog vendors such as JD Bliss.

"JDB: What special challenges do you face in these productions, such as intellectual property issues or the logistics of musical accompaniment?

"A: There are no IP issues. First of all, nearly all my commercially released songs are my original compositions. The very few that are parodies fall squarely under the fair use doctrine, as does the cover of my new album. The real challenges are those posed by the considerable limitations of my playing and singing abilities, and the fact that I am just one person. But I have tried to compensate by making the most of the incredible computer music hardware and software technology that is available today and at reasonable prices. I recently purchased a new system from Carillon Computers in New Jersey, which is specially designed for low‑noise operation (so machine sounds are not picked up by the microphone) and with other features to facilitate audio recording and mixing.

"My setup includes studio‑quality reference speakers and a Mackie Control Surface mixing board that allows for real‑time control of my Cakewalk Sonar Producer 3 sequencing software (the program is like a word processor for music, allowing for cut-and-paste editing). I also use 'Band‑in‑a‑Box,' a wonderful accompaniment program, which allows me to select and direct the supporting cast of (virtual) studio band members I never had -- and who always show up and never complain -- in turn allowing my recordings to sound as if they were created by legitimate musicians. Another device, the DigiTech Vocalist VR, allows me to modify my voice to create the type of multi‑part Beach Boys‑style harmonies heard on several cuts on the new album. No man may be an island, but one man can indeed be a band. Except for two of the three live cuts, for better or worse, Legal Holidaze is all me, my instruments, and my computer and connected equipment.

"JDB: Your musical accomplishments are extensive enough, but you've also had nearly 250 articles published since you joined your firm and you won an ABA award for your 'Old Cars In Law' monthly column in Car Collector Magazine for contributing to public understanding of the American legal system.

"A: The common element behind nearly everything I do in my free time is my love of and fascination with the law. Nearly all the articles I have written -- whether serious or humorous -- are law-related. Even the three short stories I have published deal with lawyers or law students. Hence the names of my other sites which contain these materials, www.LawHumor.com and www.LawFiction.com. I just like writing – particularly legal writing, and especially for non-lawyer audiences. When opportunities to do so have presented themselves, I have taken them, regardless of my initial lack of familiarity with the precise context: I wrote for two automotive magazines over ten years even though I never had a car or even drove until I thereafter moved to the suburbs; I wrote on parenting issues long before I ever reproduced. To those who contemplate --and who I encourage -- taking pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to do likewise, I do warn of the interesting phenomenon that a not-insignificant number of people who buy a magazine containing a law-related article apparently believe that the purchase price includes free lifetime 24-hour telephonic legal consultation on issues at best tangentially related. Happy at the evidence that someone actually reads what I write, I invariably listen patiently and provide general legal information.

"JDB: Your path to personal satisfaction, combining the law firm life and your after-hours accomplishments, must require tremendous stamina. What advice would you give other lawyers on similarly managing such a full agenda?

"A: Before answering, I need to note the time for the two most important focal points of my existence: my wonderful three- and four-year-old boys! When they are asleep or otherwise occupied, the amount of time I spend on my 'after-hours dreams' varies widely during the year. When the holiday season approaches, I probably average close to a hundred hours on my holiday music efforts (a lot of that going to unavoidable multiple takes). The timing depends primarily on work obligations. When work is hectic and deadlines loom, the after-hours stuff obviously is secondary; but as soon as a window appears, I take it. But there are a few things that have allowed me to do as much as I do, some of which perhaps may be of use to others.

"First is the fact that, for better or worse, I can get by with very little sleep; I usually average five hours a night.

"The second is technology. With the computers, peripherals, and software I have invested in, I am able to do my after-hours writing and music very efficiently. Plus with two hours of daily commuting time on the train, use of my firm-issued laptop coupled with my special-featured cell phone, cabling, and software allows me live access to firm e-mail and documents, and so that what would have been downtime becomes completely productive, freeing up later hours. You also have to adopt the mind-set of doing a free‑time project and then moving on, as much as possible without multiple re-writes or other efforts that at least for me would have only marginal returns, or that would involve “churn” that might never end. And you also have to choose your outside projects and priorities. I watch almost no TV (except for 'The Sopranos,' 'NYPD Blue,' and Michigan football); if I want a dose of 'reality,' I'll change a diaper. After writing for Car Collector for 13 years I shifted my focus to the new album and to short fiction, and I'm now toying with moving from the latter to my first novel, to be set, of course, in a law firm.

"JDB: How do you think your efforts have been received?

"A: My firm has been incredibly supportive from Day One. Partners have asked me to send copies of my CDs to clients. I have also greatly appreciated the editors who have accepted and published my articles, particularly my recent forays into short fiction. And I am very grateful to the brave souls who have plunked down their hard-earned money for my CDs. In all of this, I hope that I have made a small contribution to the effort to make people think a little differently about lawyers, and show that we are not necessarily humorless, boring, or incapable of taking ourselves less than completely seriously."

2004/12/28: "There's Still Time to Fill Those Stockings," The Daily Record (Omaha, NE), December 28, 2004, at 16:

"Still looking for something special to tuck into that Some-one Special's Christmas stocking?  Procrastinators rejoice!

. . .

"Legal Holidaze

"Here’s another last-minute suggestion for that special lawyer someone’s stocking (although you may have to tuck in an IOU at this point).  Lawrence Savell, Esq., has issued his second CD, this one entitled Legal Holidaze, with words and music 'allegedly humorous.'

"Contents include such song titles as 'North Pole Bar Exam,' and 'Surfin’ For An Expert Late on Christmas Eve.'  The attorney-turned-singer/songwriter renders the tunes in a folk song style, accompanied by guitar and other instruments as well as occasional backup singers (the rest is 'all me').  The jacket is a parody of a traditional law school hornbook treatise.

"You can visit Savell’s website (and order a copy) at LawTunes.com.  As he says, 'Like much of what I do, it is dedicated to the proposition that zealous representation of clients and furtherance of public good can be only enhanced by a healthy willingness to poke fun at ourselves appropriately on occasion.'"

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2004/12/31: "Attorney goes on the record with homemade CD," The Journal News (Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland County, NY), December 31, 2004, at 1D (Business), on-line as "Burbs: Off-the-shelf tech helps feed a dream," http://www.thejournalnews.com/newsroom/123104/d0131burbs.html

"Croton-on-Hudson attorney Lawrence Savell is pursuing a dream in a way that wasn't possible 10 years ago.

"Using specialized computer equipment and software, Savell has converted his home into a recording studio. Savell's hobby is singing and songwriting, and he recently recorded his own tunes featuring whimsical holiday takes on the legal profession.

"He paid a company to transfer the results to CDs. Savell has distributed more than 400 so far, with many going to colleagues at work and their clients. He has resigned himself to the likelihood that he won't be selling 1 million copies, but he adds that sales are not the point.

"'It's a labor of love,' said Savell, 47. 'I think it's important that when people have dreams, they make the time to do something like this. ... I think the worst thing would be to put it off so long, it's too late.'

"An admirer of the Beach Boys, Savell said that as a teen-ager he spent his Regents scholarship on his first guitar. Years later, when he joined Chadbourne & Parke LLP in Manhattan, he spent his first paycheck on a Rickenbacker electric guitar.

"The idea of recording his own music became a reality when he discovered that the technology was affordable. A sophisticated computer that is capable of processing sounds without background hum can be bought for $2,000 to $3,000, he said. Software packages that can record music and provide background instrumentation run about $100 each, he added.

"Band in a Box, the instrument program, gives him a backup group that's more amenable to creative control than the flesh-and-blood kind.

"'They don't complain. They don't ask for a raise. They don't show up drunk,' Savell said with a laugh. 'The equipment and software are really not expensive. It's not particularly difficult to learn. ... What you can put out is phenomenal.'

"The new $16.99 CD ($9.99 cassette tape), 'Legal Holidaze,' features such tunes as 'Billin' on Christmas Eve,' 'Rainmaker Reindeer,' and 'North Pole Bar Exam.' Savell, who has two young sons, said his next recording will be a collection of children's songs.

"'Although I'll never win a Grammy, I'm sure some people will appreciate this,' he said.

"For more information, e-mail him (mail@lawtunes.com)."

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