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2008/02: "Music Lover Shows Legal Twist," Law Institute Journal (Law Institute of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia), January/February 2008, at 87:

Announcing the winner of LIJ's holiday song title competition (competition was set forth in its December 2007 issue), with the prize being "a copy of US attorney Lawrence Savell's fourth album The Lawtunes: Live at Blackacre."  In its January/February 2008 issue, LIJ ran a story announcing the winner, showing him, a managing partner, proudly holding the CD, noting that the winner had "also won the Lawtunes prize in 2003" (an earlier CD in a prior LIJ competition).

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2008/Winter: "David Winder Teacher, Director, Friend," Poly Prep Magazine, Winter 2008, at 12-13, online at http://www.polyprep.org/ftpimages/71/download/download_group1039_id303596.pdf:

Reminiscence quoted in tribute to beloved high school teacher:

I have nothing but very positive memories of David, be they of him as a dedicated and motivating teacher or as an encouraging director. But what I remember most was his response to a story I wrote for him for Latin class in 1971, shortly after my father passed away. The story involved a character who suffered just such a loss (perhaps a bit of self-therapy by a troubled 13-yearold). For that submission, David gave me two grades: one for Latin usage (a fully justified C+) and one for content. The latter grade he assigned to that otherwise pedestrian narrative was an A+, which communicated to me, in the profound poetry of his unexpressed explanation, his tremendous compassion and understanding.
— Lawrence Savell ’75

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2008/04/10: "Speakers," Cardozo Law School, Squadron Program in Law, Media and Society, published April 10, 2008, http://www.cardozo.yu.edu/MemberContentDisplay.aspx?ccmd=ContentDisplay&ucmd=UserDisplay&userid=10708&contentid=6000:

"In addition to conferences and symposia, the Squadron Program organizes monthly lunchtime talks with some of the leading practitioners of the media law community in New York. Guests speak on a wide range of issues from libel to artist rights. Practitioners also offer practical advice for Cardozo's aspiring media and communications lawyers. Speakers have included:

* * *

"Lawrence Savell- Mr. Savell is a media lawyer from Chadbourne & Parke LLP. His discussion was entitled The Media Lawyer in the Bullpen: Developing a Media Law Practice as an Addition to Another Primary Practice Area."

2008/07/00: "Teaching Bibliography," New England School of Law Library Website, http://www.nesl.edu/library/TeachingBib/Search_.cfm:

Included in "Resources and Services for New England School of Law Faculty: Teaching Bibliography" is:

Savell, Lawrence, Dear Professor Rosenstein: a short story, 83 Michigan Bar Journal, 5 50(3) (2004)

2008/07/00: "Juris Rocker," Cornell Alumni News, July/August 2008, at 85:

"Lawrence Savell '79

"The guitar came first—an acoustic six-string, circa 1976, that Lawrence Savell bought with a scholarship check that was supposed to go toward his Cornell tuition. The law career that inspired his music came a few years later. Now, Savell is a lawyer by day and a musician by night. He's often up late, writing and recording original songs that satirize his job as a litigator for Chadbourne & Parke in New York City. Most of his songs are inspired by everyday tasks—sifting through piles to find the one document necessary to win a case, ordering take-out at his desk, reading legal citation manuals. 'If I stopped coming to work,' he says, 'I'd run out of material.'

"Savell is still using the guitar he bought in Ithaca; his only formal training was a couple of group lessons in Willard Straight Hall. So far, he's sold more than 1,000 copies of his albums, which feature tunes that he describes as 'simple' and 'hummable.' (They include a love song entitled 'She's an Electronic Discovery' and an ode to Perry Mason's secretary, Della Street.) He makes most of his sales online, through his website (lawrencesavell.com) or amazon.com, or at his performances at law firm parties and legal conferences. But for Savell, selling albums isn't the point. He says lawyers often get a bad rap, and he wants to dispel the myth that people in his field are consumed by their careers. Says Savell: 'We're not as stuffy and as distant as we might be perceived.'"

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2008/09/00: "Justice, Distractions and the Occasional Anecdote," Hearsay (Pace University School of Law student newspaper, "Adver[seriously]" column), September 2008, at 5, www.pace.edu/lawschool/files/hearsay/issues/Hearsay_2008_09.pdf:

"For a nice reprieve from studies and stress, it’s important to have healthy distractions. I have found one such distraction in the form of a hot new band. That’s right folks, you heard it here first. Their name: The LawTunes. The Album: Live at Blackacre. This album features such chart toppers as, '(She’s an) Electronic Discovery,' 'Lawyers’ Blood is Typo,' and 'Little Bluebook.' This beauty can be sampled and, should you feel so inspired, purchased at www.lawhumor.com. Enjoy!"

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2008/10/01: "Lawyer2Lawyer - The Song!!," Robert Ambrogi's LawSites (blog), October 1, 2008, http://www.legaline.com/2008/10/lawyer2lawyer-song.html:

"Today we recorded the 150th episode of our weekly legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer. The show is not yet ready to post, but as we were recording, our favorite lawyer/recording artist Larry Savell of LawTunes surprised and honored us with our very own Lawyer2Lawyer song that he composed and recorded to mark our third anniversary. It is very good, if I may say so myself, and VERY funny. He has posted it at this Lawyer2Lawyer song page in a choice of high- and low-fidelity MP3 and Windows Media files."

2008/10/01: "LawTunes' Larry Savell Serenades Lawyer2Lawyer On Our Third Anniversary," May It Please The Court (blog), October 1, 2008, http://www.mayitpleasethecourt.com/journal.asp?blogid=1905:

"This week marks our 150th podcast on Lawyer2Lawyer, and in honor of our third anniversary, Bob Ambrogi and I had Larry Savell of LawTunes back on the show, and he did us the great honor of composing and singing a song for the show. You can click on the link below to listen to the song, and here are the lyrics:

* * *

"Thanks to Larry Savell for permission to post the song and the links. You can visit Larry at LawTunes and buy his other music, including his latest release, Live at Blackacre."

2008/10/02: "Music & Law: The Final Frontier," Advocate's Studio (blog), October 2, 2008, http://advocatesstudio.wordpress.com/2008/10/02/music-law-the-final-frontier/:

"If you could actually hear me right now, you would be hearing 'oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,…' etc. This has the be the ultimate marriage of law and music. I must have been living under some kind of boulder, but apparently, in this age of extreme specialization, there actually is something known as 'The LawTunes' - legal humor lawyer gift music CDs by and for lawyers. With the tagline 'musical scales of justice', this unique musical group (or should I say 'firm'), has produced such gems as '(She’s an) Electronic Discovery', 'Little Bluebook', 'Another Billable Christmas' and 'Rainmaker Reindeer.' You will be treated to clips of these songs when you enter the site. I still can't believe I heard the word 'certiorari' in a song and probably never will again. There are four CDs available, which can be had for a bargain price when you buy all four. The latest is the pictured album 'Live At Blackacre.' The band members are listed as follows, but I think these are stage names:

Micah (”Courthouse Steps”) Jagger - Plaintiff’s Counsel, Oral Argument, Strutting Around, Shirt Removal, Lead Vocals

Nicholas (”Prosser on”) Tortolli - In-House Counsel, Bass, Alto Fax, Photocopier, Invoice Review, Vocals

Maxwell (”Max”) Billings - External Defense Counsel, Drafting, Electric Guitar, Electronic Discovery, Wardrobe, Vocals

Smash (”Bones”) Drummond - Prosecutor’s Office, Drums/Percussion and Other Auditory Damage, Cellphone, Vocals

Malcolm (”Mal”) Practisse - Solo Practitioner, Keyboards, Shredder, Excuses, Professional Liability Insurance, Vocals

"My hat is off to Larry Savell and The Lawtunes for embarking on such an artistically intellectual and uniquely melodic course! This is must-see web-surfing at its finest! My work here is done."

[Follow-up note: http://twitter.com/advocatesstudio/statuses/942699577]  "advocatesstudio: I blogged about LawTunes tonight http://tinyurl.com/3eprnt and w/in 15 min. Larry Savell emails me to thank me. The WWW is a wondrous place. October 2, 2008"

2008/10/20: "'Tis the season[:] The right gifts for referrals can bring holiday cheer," LawyersUSA, October 20, 2008, http://www.lawyersusaonline.com/index.cfm/archive/view/id/432066:

"From a marketing standpoint, it's crucial for lawyers to think about what gifts to give to clients and referral sources. . . . [L]awyers need to have a little fun and be creative. Here are a few suggestions:

* * *

"Make it humorous.

* * *

At LawTunes (www.lawtunes.com), you can buy an album of hit pop songs rewritten with lawyer terms, featuring such hits as "She's an Electronic Discovery" and "Orderin' In."

2008/11/24: "Loose Ends, 11-24-08," Bitter Lawyer, November 24, 2008, http://www.bitterlawyer.com/index.php/columns_detail_comment/loose_ends_11_24_08/?cat_id=6:

"Deck the halls—the holiday season is officially here. And since lawyers don’t know how to emotionally connect with anything unless it directly speaks to their profession, LawTunes.com is spreading Christmas cheer to the stunted law masses with a new law-related holiday album that’s sure to please the gentile esquire in all of us. Since you want everything to remind you about your job (afterall, it’s the only thing that defines you as a person), pump up the volume and put 'It’s Gonna Be A Billable Christmas' on repeat. No word on a Hanukah CD counterpart, which is a bummer because 'Maccabean Rainmaker' and 'So Many HLS Loans, Not Enough Gelt' would be h-o-t tracks. [PRWeb.com] "

2008/12/00: "The Blawg 100," ABA Journal, December 2008, in print and at http://www.abajournal.com/magazine/blawg_100_2008:

Cover story on the top 100 legal blogs notes in its write-up of the podcast "Lawyer2Lawyer" that "the catchy Lawyer2Lawyer theme brags that listening is 'the most fun you can have while wearing a vest.'" Theme composed and performed by Lawrence Savell.

See follow-up in January 2009

2008/12/12: "Holiday Shopping Guide for Gift-Giving Lawyers," Law.com/The Legal Intelligencer, December 12, 2008, http://www.law.com/jsp/law/careercenter/lawArticleCareerCenter.jsp?id=1202426677720:

"If someone asks you for your own list, you can always ask for a copy of the new CD, 'The Lawtunes: Live at Blackacre,' described as 'lawyer-created law-related legal humor rock-and-roll.' Songs include 'It's Gonna Be a Billable Christmas,' 'Hey, Santa, I Appeal,' 'I Got A Footnote in My Stocking,' and 'Rainmaker Reindeer.'

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