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2013/11/29:  "Review: Rating the new crop of holiday albums," Los Angeles Times, November 29, 2013, online at http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/posts/la-et-ms-holiday-album-roundup-20131129,0,1424505.story#axzz2mTMUEmpc; http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/dec/06/rating-the-new-crop-of-holiday-albums/ (Las Vegas Sun):; also ran in Chicago Tribune, December 2, 2013:

"The Surfchord[s]: 'Sea Sun Greetings' (self-released, http://www.surfchords.com)

"There's a fun idea here of transplanting the holiday scenarios from the North Pole and snow-covered hills to the beach."

2013/12/02:  "Legal Loop: 2013 holiday gift ideas for tech-savvy lawyers," The Daily Record (Rochester, NY), December 2, 2013, online at http://nydailyrecord.com/blog/2013/12/02/legal-loop-2013-holiday-gift-ideas-for-tech-savvy-lawyers/; http://nylawblog.typepad.com/suigeneris/2013/12/2013-holiday-gift-ideas-for-tech-savvy-lawyers.html (Sui Generis--a New York law blog):

"And, if youíd like some holiday music with a legal theme to set the tone for your holidays, take a look at the holiday-themed albums offered at LawTunes.com."

2013/12/04:  "Jon's Xmas CD gift guide," Philadelphia Daily News, December 4, 2013, online at http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/20131204_Jon_s_Xmas_CD_gift_guide.html:

Noting "The SurfChords: Sea Sun Greetings"

2013/12/05:  "The Word from Oak Hill," Oak Hill Gazette (Austin, TX), December 5-18, 2013, at 4-5; online at http://issuu.com/oakhillgazette/docs/december_5th:

"A surf band just put out a Christmas album. Didnít see that coming, did you? It gets better. The title of the album is called, ďThe SurfChords: Sea Sun Greetings.Ē It includes the hit single, ďSand Duhís Coming.Ē Just kidding, I made that up. See? I could co-write for the band.

If it really is a band. Seems like itís a one-man thing, but thatís okay. What do I care if he plays drums, bass, guitar and every other instrument. Of course thatís just conjecture on my part, as the only thing I know for sure (or think I know for sure) is that all words and music were written by Lawrence Savell.

If youíd like a free listen to a medley of the albumís songs, point your browser to surfchords.com

2013/12/06:  "Holiday music for your less-than-silent nights," Knoxville News Sentinel/Scripps Howard News Service, December 6, 2013, online at http://www.daily-journal.com/life/entertainment/holiday-music-for-your-less-than-silent-nights/article_d6a14b04-5306-57ee-93af-19cf3a4297a2.html and http://m.daily-journal.com/life/entertainment/holiday-music-for-your-less-than-silent-nights/article_d6a14b04-5306-57ee-93af-19cf3a4297a2.html (Daily Journal, Kankakee, IL); http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/holiday-music/holiday-music (The Republic, Columbus, OH):

"'Sea Sun Greetings,' The Surfchords (www.surfchords.com)

"You have to give attorney-by-day Lawrence Savell credit. He doesn't give up. Years after entering the holiday novelty market with 'Yule Hear From Our Lawyers' (under the name LawTunes) and following with regular releases, he's returned with a surf rock collection with such titles as 'Yuletide Riptide,' 'Snow Justice' and 'Ridin' on a Red Eye With Santa on Christmas Eve.' Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's not. But, there's charm in the guy's dedication and his 82-year-old mom's watercolors on the cover."

2013/12/14:  "CD Reviews," Santa Fe New Mexican, December 13, 2013, online at http://www.santafenewmexican.com/pasatiempo/music/cd_reviews/:

"THE SURFCHORDS 'Sea Sun Greetings' (self-released)

"Like ugly holiday sweaters, pop remakes of Christmas music induce warm and cozy feelings in some and shudders of nausea in others. Sea Sun Greetings is a lighthearted and pun-heavy collection of 16 original surf-rock anthems and ballads released by experienced seasonal songsmith Lawrence Savell. Since 1998, Savell has produced seven holiday-pop albums ó all of them, until now, somehow also incorporating a legal perspective (Savell is a lawyer). 'For 2013,' he explains, 'Iíve climbed out from the dusty shadows of the Law Library and headed to the beach.' It would take a true Ebenezer Scrooge to lambaste this almost excessively good-hearted album, packed as it is with positive lyrics like: 'When you put on a Santa suit, youíre in for a surprise, in how you feel, and how you see the wonder in childrenís eyes/Youíll understand what itís all for, and your holiday spirit will be restored.' Though the combination of surf guitar and sleigh bells is about as harmonious as eggnog and turkey gravy, these songs manage to counter their inherent saccharinity with sincerity. The watercolor cover art created by Savellís 82-year-old mother also increases the albumís endearment factor. Sea Sun Greetings makes a good stocking stuffer for people who love jangly Christmas tunes, and it could also serve as an alternative to coal for those who have trouble getting into the holiday spirit."


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