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1. Abbreviation for December 25
5. A poor choice to be a personal injury plaintiff
8. The antithesis of a lawyer
12. ____ Land
13. Each (abbrev.)
14. "Sometimes you feel like ..."
15. What a lawyer hopes for at the end of the year
19. "To ___, With Love"
20. Of or relating to aircraft
21. Lawyers' occupational hazard
22. Title of famous magazine legal column, with 24 Down and 65 Across
23. A lawyer's greatest thrill
25. The highest authority
27. When lawyers get to go home (abbrev.)
29. "__, shucks"
31. How a lawyer's lifetime is measured
37. Even lawyers agree he's the greatest
38. The party responsible for this diversion
40. "I'm Henry the Eighth, I __"
41. "The _____ made me do it"
42. What belongs on the top of most lawyers
45. What lawyers can only achieve by photocopying with the cover up
46. Suffix indicating the person to whom something is done
47. Jurist who spent more time on T.V. than Judge Wapner
48. Clean up in a series against an opponent
52. It helps when rowing
54. Feminine suffix
57. Where 38 Across can be found when not sleeping
61. All English Tiddly-wink Association (abbrev.)
62. Mountain range somewhere
63. Great name for a fisherman
64. Pro golfer Bob
65. Title of famous magazine legal column, with 22 Across and 24 Down
66. ____ for Women® magazine
1. Pant size of most lawyers (abbrev.)
2. Repeated name of fish
3. Something to do with apples that someone sued about
4. Liquid from a tree, or anyone who doesn't agree with you
5. Nervous from entering data into a computer
6. Cowardly lion
7. "'___ We Meet Again"
8. One of a lawyer's four food groups
9. If you were New York City, you might say this
10. Source of inspiration
11. "__ tu, Brute?" or that which phones home
16. European television broadcast standard (abbrev.), or a friend
17. Noise Merv Griffin makes
18. Verbal equivalent of rolling eyes
19. You would agree, if you were in Seville
24. Title of famous magazine legal column, with 22 Across and 65 Across
25. Where the dolphins run on land
26. Jumble of LAW
27. What an obsessed computer programmer might say
28. The Stooge who influenced the Beatles' barber
29. "_____ the Family"
30. Fun for Trusts and Estates practitioners
31. Sound of gun firing in comics
32. Legal Research (abbrev.)
33. See 46 Across
34. Opposite of up (abbrev.)
35. Underground Eatery (abbrev.)
36. What a lawyer without a briefcase is
37. All English Veterinary Association (abbrev.)
39. What Bill does if he doesn't like Bill
43. When good things are supposed to happen
44. The (archaic)
47. What you don't want to raise in a Senior Partner
48. Go away
49. Expression often heard following satisfactory annual review
50. How you might start if vowels were digestible
51. Taking the lead on the Periodic Table
52. ____ argument
53. American National Leotard Association (abbrev.)
54. Therefore, for lawyers
55. Tool brand
56. The magazine for lawyers
58. You would agree, if you were in Par-ee
59. Where you earn the right to be after a life of hard work
60. 3.14159265 (not adjusted for inflation), or "Magnum" 


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