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1. "Let the Chaperon Beware," The Washington Post, September 18, 1995, at B5 (available in LEXIS-NEXIS News Library)  readitno.gif (2143 bytes) View High-Resolution .PDF Version

InfoTrac Abstract:  "ways to protect yourself from liability on your child's school trips"

Subjects:  Liability of volunteer chaperons for injuries/damages on school trips; "Personal injuries - prevention"

Newspaper Abstracts: "The legal liability a parent may suffer when chaperoning a school outing is discussed."

EBSCO Host: Subject(s): CHILD care -- Safety measures.  Abstract: Focuses on the legal and other implications that are associated when a parent acts as a chaperone during his child's school trips. Risks involved due to negligence; Suggestions to avoid the risk of liability.

Abstract:  "So you've signed up to be a chaperon for one of your child's school trips. You've done so thinking that your helping out and keeping an eye on things will make the trip safer for both your child and the other students. But have you considered the risk you may be taking?

"Although few cases have addressed specifically the liability of chaperons, many have involved the related liability of schools and school workers, and can provide some guidance. Ordinarily, a school owes a student a duty of "ordinary care." This means that the school and its staff must act in the way that a careful, prudent person would considering all the circumstances. Basically, you should anticipate any dangers or risks that would be considered foreseeable by a reasonable person.

"If your chaperoning involves driving, you could be held responsible for injuries resulting from your negligent operation of a motor vehicle, or your negligent maintenance if it is your own car. If your chaperoning includes having the students come to your home, you could be held responsible for injuries resulting from dangerous conditions on your premises."


DESCRIPTORS: Liability; Child care


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